Why we started

I started this site in response to the calls to “defund the police.” This is insane. We need more law enforcement not less. We need to thank Law Enforcement for keeping us safe and keeping an eye out while we sleep. The only people who want to “defund” are Marxists, Anarchists, Liberals, and other crazy people. If you do “defund” let us know how it works out.

But why buck popular convention and draw the ire of the left for no reason?

Standing up for our Country, our law enforcement officers, and those that keep the peace is the right thing to do. I heard the calls to Defund the Police and thought these people are absolutely crazy. They have yet to put up a reasonable answer to the question of “Then what?”

This Black Lives Matter movement is not about social justice or even black lives. It is a Marxist attempt to overthrow our nation. They want to “defund” the Police, empty the jails and eliminate almost all criminal charges. This is unacceptable.

I LOVE our country as founded, as it was and how it is today. I will not kneel to the MOB. I will stand up for the principles I believe in. I stand for the national anthem, thank our law enforcement officers, say Merry Christmas, One Nation under God, and I salute the Police. I will defend our nation to my last dying breath. Someone other than the President, talk radio hosts, and a select few politicians must stand up and so NO, we love our country and you cannot destroy it. So I did, will YOU?

We ALL need to stand up to them. We need to stop shopping at Amazon, drinking Starbucks, buying Nike, stop watching all professional sports, and make the left suffer without our money. I know in the past we have been told not to boycott but I say BS. We have no other way to defend ourselves and our values. The left controls the News media, Social media, academia, music, and professional sports. Until they repent from their support of a Marxist Group, Black Lives Matter, we will not give them our treasure. Treasure that we work hard for. If they are so scared of or intimidated by the MOB that they fold like a cheap suit, then they do not deserve our support.

This website will not bow, will not bend a knee, and will not apologize for having what many consider Traditional American Values. Yes, I fly the flag every day!

My family has been in this country for 11 generations. Our family has served in the armed forces of this country since the very beginning. I am not about to sit by and let their sacrifices be wiped away by a bunch of spoiled brats, mainly white liberals and anarchists, who have been poisoned with a warped sense of the history of our country.

If you do not like our country no one is making you stay. But if you want to destroy it, I am here to tell you, the men and women who defend this country, those who represent the thin blue line and the silent majority will stand up to stop you.

Shop this site so we can help the charities that help and support Law Enforcement families and the families of the fallen. We cannot do it without you.

We believe that this is a vital and noble cause. As a result, we have dedicated to give 100% of our profits to support law enforcement charities! Thank you for your support!

Thank you for your support of our police and Law Enforcement families and!