June 2020 COPS donation
$500 Donated to Concerns for Police Survivors C.O.P.S. we cannot print money like the Federal Government.  We need you to shop our site so we can do more.


RefundthePolice.us has over 500 retailers and 30,000 coupons, discounts and deals for police and civilians alike!  Anyone, including you, can shop and save at RefundthePolice.us.  The site is always adding new stores and coupons.  As a result you should check back often to see what is new.

RefundthePolice.us was established as a way to change the way in which we support our police.  We should never make our police rely on hand outs, charity, grants and fundraisers.  They made a sacrifice for us and we should not abandon them when they are no longer in uniform.  Therefore YOU should shop at RefundthePolice.us.