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We give 100% of our profits to support law enforcement charities.

WHO WE Support supports Law Enforcement charities!

Additional Ways to Donate to Law Enforcement Charities

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the mission of

To give back to and support Law Enforcement charities. We donate 100% of our profits back to police charities.

2. What is and how does it work? is a free and easy way to support Law Enforcement charities, by shopping online.

You can browse our website for the store you want to shop with. Check for any coupons available in their Store, then Click to go to their website, then continue to shop as normal.

3. Who does donate to? donates to non-profit charities that support law enforcement, law enforcement families and law enforcement working dogs.

4. How can I receive money for my law enforcement charity?

Send us an email detailing what your charity does and for whom.  We will review your information and work with you to help raise awareness of in your area so the online shoppers in your area can help support your charity.

5. And it’s Free?

Yes!  You don’t pay anything extra for your shopping. The donation is made at no extra cost to you.  There are no sign-up fees for you either. It’s free!

6. Where does the donation come from?

As a “thank you” for sending them sales and customers, our merchants pay us a commission.

We use a portion of this commission to make donations.  We donate 100% of our profits to police and law enforcement charities.

7. Do I have to use a coupon to help Law Enforcement charities?

No. All purchases through help Law Enforcement charities. If you go to the store page and don’t see a coupon, just click on the “Shop Now” button. All purchases help but you have to start at

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