Eric West
Patriot Publishing USA
904-654-8926 launches In Support of Police Officers!

We believe in Refund the Police not Defund the Police!

St. Augustine, FL: Patriot Publishing USA is excited to announce our newest website.  It supports the men and women of law enforcement across the nation.  We created as a way for people to support police by shopping online.  While we build our new site we have been given a special tracking code from to track sales and commissions. will donate 100% of our profits to support Police Charities across the nation.  You can see the list of charities we will give to here. 

Publisher Eric West says “when I saw the protests chanting “Defund the Police” I could not believe it.  I thought something had to be done.  I wanted to stand up and say that the American people do support our men and women of Law enforcement.  Many of these charities help the families of the fallen.  Something had to be done.  A lot of our leaders are not standing up for the police, so if they won’t the American people will!  Now people who support law enforcement can shop through our partner to save money and support Law enforcement. created a unique tracking code that keeps track of sales and commissions generated thru  Since donations will be made from your purchase and support are totally anonymous.  It is sad that supporting the police is seen by some as controversial.   We don’t we see it as the right thing to do.” is a free shopping portal with over 500 merchants and over 100,000 coupons. When you shop through 100% of the profits will be “refunded” (given) to support police charities.  The site is free to use and is open to every Patriotic American who shops online and wants to help support the men and women of Law enforcement. 

Patriot Publishing USA’s Publisher, Eric West said “Our mission for this site is to provide a way for people to support Law enforcement without going to a rally, putting a bumper sticker on their car or putting a sign in their yard.  Some of the gigantic shopping sites support radical groups, we support the thin Blue Line.”

About Patriot Publishing USA: Patriot Publishing USA is a company of law enforcement officers and law enforcement family members based in St. Augustine Fl.  Founded in 2016, Patriot Publishing USA publishes Military Deals USA magazine,, and